Tasting The Future

Big Ideas Ventures and Grand Hyatt proudly presents Tasting Big Ideas 2021, a virtual tasting project. We are excited for you to join us in our mission to showcase the World's next generation of alternative protein.

29th April 2021
Lunch at 12.30 HRS - 14.30 HRS
Tasting Showcase: In-Person Dining at Grand Hyatt Singapore



Participating brands 

The Frauxmagerie

Artisanal plant-based cheese, Baker Dan’s sourdough bread and dried fruit 

The Frauxmagerie specialized in the creation and production of plant based cheese.  The Frauxmagerie is using the traditional method of making cheese by fermenting and aging cheese.  By using fungi starter and bacterial culture the Frauxmagerie manages to create plant based with an amazing structure, look and taste that is very close to the dairy version.


Crispy chicken, lettuce and chinese BBQ sauce  
*Contains Nuts
Haofood is a food science & technology startup from Shanghai that makes alternative chicken protein. Our first innovation is a tasty and nutritious plant-based chicken from peanut protein. We choose ingredients that allow us to create an almost-perfect culinary replica of real meat, preserving the pleasure derived from meat’s mouthwatering taste and texture. This is all while creating a product that is healthier and a more environmentally sustainable meat alternative.

Angie’s Tempeh 

Crispy tempeh, organic vegetable gado gado and peanut sauce  
*Contains Nuts
Angie's Tempeh was created because as a vegetarian, I wanted a wholesome source of plant-based protein but there were only few options available. With Angie’s Tempeh, I hope you can enjoy fresh, delicious, and nutritious tempeh. Angie’s Tempeh is rated 5-stars by our satisfied customers. Come find out why this is Singapore's most loved tempeh brand!


Pan-fried gyoza, black vinegar and sliced ginger
Karana is a whole-plant meat company with a vision for a world where plants dominate our plates. A world where you don’t have to choose between taste, health or sustainability. Karana takes whole-plant ingredients and does extraordinary things with them, creating irresistibly meaty products without the need for heavy processing or any artificial nasties. The range will launch with a pork alternative for food service before expanding into ready to cook Dim Sum.
• No protein isolates, concentrates or texturates
• No preservatives or artificial flavors.
• No long ingredient lists

Phuture Foods

Sweet and sour pork, pineapple, peppers and steamed organic jasmine rice 

The PHUTURE® proprietary matrix of processing technology has incorporated rice into our PHUTURE® blend which creates the delicious fatty, juicy mouthfeel to our plant-based product, mimicking that of the building blocks in meat.

Fenn Foods                  

Beef bolognese with potato gnocchi 
With celebrated chef Alejandro Cancino at the helm, Fënn Foods has paved the way forwards toward a healthy, plant-based future for Australians since 2015. Their natural, high-quality and seriously delicious vegan fare puts sustainability at the heart of every decision - in fact, they are the first producer of carbon-neutral plant-based mince beef. Their smoky vEEF patties are already available in stores in Australia and Singapore, and they’re set to appeal to (and surprise) everyone.


Yogurt, pandan vermicelli, red bean, coconut and gula melaka

WellMe Yogurt is a plant-based yogurt that promotes intestinal microbiota and supports gut health by utilizing proprietary blends of probiotics and prebiotics for synergistic digestion, brain health and immunity benefits.

Plant Ranch                       

Grilled beef and vegetable yakitori with toasted sesame

Plant Ranch produces the only full line of plant-based Mexican flavored proteins based on generations-old family recipes.  We believe success is giving people amazing food that happens to be plant-based. Because if it doesn't deliver on taste, it's never going to make people come back for more.

Wild For                              

Sea salt, smoked BBQ chips, white bean hummus
Wild For Superfoods helps active families eat healthier through a line of high-plant-protein low-fat gluten-free chips based on the ancient grain superfood, teff. Ethiopia’s elite marathon runners have long relied on the teff in the form of the flatbread injera as a secret source of lasting energy. Wild For Superfood Chips was featured in the NYT and Good Housekeeping, tripled sales velocity at Whole Foods, and hit #1 in new tortilla chips on Amazon Prime Day.


Edible spoon and straw, heirloom tomato and cucumber gazpacho, banana, kale and  coconut blend  

incrEDIBLE reinvents the way we eat our food by replacing single-use plastic cutlery with edible cutlery. Our first product, edible spoons are vegan, made with non-gmo food grains and come in 2 shapes and 6 flavors. They can stay firm for up to 60 minutes in hot foods, so you can comfortably eat with them and then eat them for a true sustainable, guilt free experience. Did you EAT your SPOON today?

Confetti Snacks    

Assorted veggie and mushroom chips, carrot and broccoli pesto  
*Contains Nuts
Confetti Snacks are award-winning marvellous vegetable chips dressed in exotic, adventurous flavours inspired by Singapore's rich culinary heritage. The Michelin featured scrumptious plant based gourmet snacks are upcycled from ugly produce, and deliver a punch of veggie goodness. A portion of proceeds go to alleviate global hunger and environmental causes. Confetti makes tasty upcycled snacks from ugly or imperfect veggies and crop surpluses to repurpose food waste, and uses colourful plants to feed the hungriest people in the world using a Robin Hood approach. They donate a portion of nutrient dense snacks to end hunger and malnutrition by working with global humanitarian missions to distribute in the poorest regions of the world. Confetti has been awarded ‘Best Gourmet Snack of 2021’ by APAC Insiders, 5th Annual Singapore Business Awards, and ‘Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassador’ in 2019 and 2020.


Green tea soy milk shooter
3 holistic superfood drink mixes that bring together the best that nature has to offer, which fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Just pour, shake, drink.

MAD Foods                       

Oat milk-based panna cotta 

Everyday wellness should be nutritious, delicious and affordable. At MAD, we are working faster and further to find solutions to make your daily beverages healthier and tastier.

Animal Alternative Technologies 


Lamb kebab with cranberries and sauce

Animal Alternative Technologies (AAT) is an engineering spin-out from the University of Cambridge creating a complete, scalable Cultured Meat production platform- the Renaissance Farm®. It includes all the raw materials, hardware (such as bioreactors), software and most importantly bioprocesses needed to empower food producers to make their own Cultured Meats at commercial scale, tailored to local tastes and desired specifications, thereby ushering a new era for global food safety and sustainability.


Honey drizzled on pumpkin seeds bread
California based MeliBio, Inc. is the world's first company to produce real honey without the use of honeybees. MeliBio is using its proprietary technology to create the delicious plant-based honey that matches nutritional superiority of real honey, while saving bee biodiversity. The company was founded in 2020 by honey industry executive Darko Mandich and scientist Aaron Schaller, PhD.

Gaia Foods                       

Beef noodles
Gaia Foods grow stem cells in a controlled environment, where we ensure that highest quality cells are grown, without any Harmful Chemicals, Microbial contamination, no Hormones and finally no Antibiotics.

Evo Foods      

Tamago sushi with soy sauce, wasabi
& pickled ginger
Evo Foods is recreating the foods we all love using the power of indian indigenous plants and deep science. We use our proprietary patent pending technology to transform common indian household ingredients into a magical plant based liquid egg which can be used to make omelets, scramble, fried rice and more!


Filo pastry with asparagus filling
Farmsow® is a B2B ingredients company, with a mission to bridge the sustainable nutrition gap. Its patent-pending net zero bio-platform Agrolysis® upcycles agriculture sidestreams and harnesses microbial fermentation to develop sustainable alternatives to tropical oils and animal fats for diverse applications. Farmsow® is led by experienced founders with successful backgrounds in large markets in clean mobility, sustainable materials and synthetic biology.

GreenGourmet Foods                                

Dahi Pakori (lentil dumplings in yogurt) with cumin, coriander & chili

The world's first Restorative Food company that restores your health, revives farmer livelihoods and regenerates the planet using bio-enriched, sustainable indigenous ingredients to create nutritionally-rich avatars of familiar foods! Our first product range is inspired by traditional Asian dairy favourites.

AquaCultured Foods 

White fish sashimi slices
AquaCultured Foods has developed a technology that allows us to biomanufacture a sustainable seafood alternative through microbial fermentation. The end product is a texturally familiar, great tasting meatless alternative that is inexpensive to manufacture, warehouse and ship. It's eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable making this meatless alternative an affordable option for the health conscious, environmentally-minded consumer.

About Grand Hyatt Singapore

Embracing care is at the heart of its business, Grand Hyatt Singapore is committed to protecting the planet for future generations by adopting a holistic approach towards sustainability and pioneering sustainable initiatives across all touchpoints of its hotel operations.

A journey that started since 2011, the hotel has since achieved significant results in reducing its carbon footprint, food waste, plus the use of water and energy, while still providing guests with an extraordinarily-luxurious hotel experience that Grand Hyatt Singapore is well known for.

The hotel will continue being a champion and thought leader for sustainability, by exploring opportunities and being the culinary launch pad for plant-based, cell-based and sustainable food alongside Big Idea Ventures.

For media enquiries, please contact Nicole Loh at nicole.loh@hyatt.com


Chef Profiles

Chef Gottfried Schuetzenberger

Executive Pastry Chef
Grand Hyatt Singapore

Gottfried Schuetzenberger is the Executive Pastry Chef at Grand Hyatt Singapore. Born with the love for pastry, Chef Gottfried Schuetzenberger arrived in Singapore 37 years ago and has become a recognisable figure in the Hyatt family. Responsible for the opening of more than 60 pastry kitchens in Hyatt properties from all over the world, Gottfried takes joy in combining classic desserts with new and unexpected twists to surprise the senses. He was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2012 World Gourmet Summit (WGS) Awards of Excellence, in recognition for influential individuals who have constantly striven for higher standards and whose visionary ideas and contributions have led to the growth of excellence in the food and beverage industry. He is also an avid photographer and always actively involved in the hotel's dessert photoshoots.  

Chef Lucas Glanville
Director, Culinary Operations
Grand Hyatt Singapore

Lucas Glanville is the Director of Culinary Operations at Grand Hyatt Singapore. With over 35 years of culinary experience, Chef Lucas Glanville has been instrumental in leading the hotel's sustainable journey since 2002, pioneering key initiatives in Water, Food Sourcing, and Food Waste Management. He has worked in world-class kitchens around the world, including the 2 and 3 Star Michelin winner La Gavroche in London and the Browns Restaurant in Melbourne which was recognised as the Best Restaurant in Australia. An advocate for preserving the planet for future generations, Lucas and his team have successfully positioned Grand Hyatt Singapore as a leader in providing plant-based options in Singapore through a series of Food Truck activations, and was also responsible for removing single-use plastics throughout the hotel's operation.

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